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Songs are good until you learn the lyrics - in which they become great

Zhehai Zhang |  

Tue Oct 10 2023 |  

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Have you ever listened to a song and thought, "Wow, I really like this song!". You might like it for the flow, the instruments, the beat, the lyrics, or even the artist. Regardless of why you found the song interesting, it eventually makes its way into your playlist where you listen to it quite often.

One thing I found incredibly interesting after talking to people about their music tastes is the way they listen to music. From everyone I've talked to, there are two types of people:

People who listen to song lyrics, and those who don't. Coming from the side that listens to song lyrics, I find it important to be able to at least understand some parts of the song. Knowing what the artist is singing about adds flavour to a dish, similar to how Michelin Star restaurants give detail into the food they serve to you. Even if the lyrics have no particular meaning to me, I find comfort in being able to sing to parts of the song without butchering it up.

I also do see the other side, knowing the lyrics does not diminish the value of music. Some songs are great and even if the lyrics are repetitive or "bad", it doesn't matter because it doesn't really matter in the end.

Anyways, I'm writing this post becuase I want to record song lyrics that I find lyrically and musically amazing. Something about the way it's presented resonates with me - and I would like to share it with my readers. Hope you enjoy!

In no particular order whatesover:

年少有為 - Ronghao Li




沒给妳 我一生有愧

SMILE - Arden Jones

I swear I been walking for miles

If it was real life I'd be freezing

I said if I'ma give up, I'ma do it in style

But so far I haven't found a reason

纸上风雅 - 零一九零贰



Luv me a Little - ILLENIUM, Nina Nesbitt

So please just say somethin' different

Say, "We're not finished yet"

Tell me I'm weighin' on your mind

Oz. - Yama


Mon Eldorado - Yannick Noah

Du soleil comme s'il en pleuvait

Le cœur en été

Et la vie avec toi

Du soleil, mon eldorado

Au creux de ta peau

Et la vie coulera comme ça

dlwlrma - IU

이 하루 이 지금 우리 눈부셔 아름다워

April Showers - Proleter

March winds and April showers

Make way for sweet May flowers

And then comes June, a moon and you

March winds and April showers

Romance will soon be ours

An outdoor paradise for two

Backburner - NIKI

Maybe life's less romantic when I don't wanna die

蘭亭序 - Jay Chou

无关风月 我题序等你回

悬笔一绝 那岸边浪千叠

情字何解 怎落笔都不对

而我独缺 你一生的了解

Love Story - BOL4

밤하늘의 별이 쏟아질

Elle me dit - Mika

Elle me dit c'est ta vie

Fais c'que tu veux, tant pis

Un jour tu comprendras

Un jour tu t'en voudras

SDP Interlude (Extended) - Travis Scott

You taste good like soul food

Parked up outside in the old school

The new me back with the old you

A dog always find his way back home and it's so true

Drown - Milet